Meet our Developer Thomas: Always on the lookout for the best reactive software solutions

There are those moments in life when everything falls into place. That’s exactly what Thomas experienced when he first got in touch with Reaktika. A shared love for reactive architecture and all things Scala led to a real match made in heaven.


With 15 years of experience in software development, Thomas is a very interesting candidate for many recruiters out there. And while Thomas usually doesn’t pay attention to their messages, Reaktika’s job opportunity immediately caught his eye. Especially because of how specific the technical requirements were. After a successful first interview with the HR department, Thomas got in touch with Ben, managing partner at Reaktika. The two of them clicked right away, which lead to the start of Thomas’ journey at Reaktika.

The opportunity to work with new technologies, an open and flexible company culture and the possibility to follow workshops and traineeships are just a few things that sparked Thomas’ interest in Reaktika’s job opportunity. On top of that, Reaktika is part of a bigger ecosystem. This means you’re able to work for a small business with an enthusiastic startup mentality, but with the support of a larger organization.

Something else that made Thomas choose for a new challenge at Reaktika, is his longtime passion for all things related to the Scala programming language and reactive software solutions. Thomas was used to working with Java on most of his previous jobs, but he wanted to dig deeper into new technologies. When he started working at Reaktika as a software developer back in January, Thomas immediately got the chance to work with Scala. The beginning of a new journey.


During his first assignment at Reaktika, Thomas worked on a mobile application where he mainly focused on back-end development. The core of this assignment was to deploy an application that allows people to manage their photos in an efficient and well-organized way. Delivering a scalable software solution was even more important. A system that fulfills today’s needs and is future proof as well. An application that allows to facilitate 100 users today, and easily scale up to 100.000 in the future without having to invest in infrastructure.


Working in an ever-evolving industry is as educational as it is challenging. Your expertise today might be less relevant in 5 years. That’s why it is important to constantly learn and stay aware of emerging trends and technologies. With Reaktika’s main focus on reactive and data driven solutions, there is currently no better environment to work in as a software developer. In the long run, it’s Thomas’ ambition to become a real expert in the area of reactive architectures, an increasingly important way of approaching IT. More and more platforms are taking the reactive direction, which will eventually evolve in new ways of doing IT. It’s Thomas’ ambition to stay on top of the newest trends.

To elaborate on this… The biggest challenge for Thomas is to find the most valuable solution to a problem. Not just any solution, but the most elegant and appropriate one. For each problem there are dozens of ways to address it.  But it’s all about the art of finding the one that suits a customer’s expectations and needs. Therefore, different perspectives must be considered. What should we include in the solution right now? What are problems that are (not) going to arise? What do we do now, what do we do later? It’s a matter of proactive handling, being critical, rather than looking for the shortest path to the solution.

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