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We love to use cutting-edge technology but more important, we choose technology that solves problems in an elegant way. Continuous learning and a critical attitude allow us to excel in helping our customers build the right solution with the right tools.


A ‘people first’ philosophy is how we believe working together is most fulfilling. The opportunity to grow and take ownership of our success makes us proud of what we do. Having fun as its side-effect is what gets us out of bed in the morning.


We like new technologies and are always looking for new ways to be more efficient and focus on what really matters to create value for our customers. Today we like things such as Scala, Akka, gRPC and Kubernetes, to name a few. We use team sessions and tech talks to broaden our horizons and select future-proof technologies.


Want to work with us?

Driven by data? A passion for functional programming? But most of all, ready to build bridges between application and data science teams?

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At Reaktika, we are looking for excellent backend developers with a master’s degree in computer science or similar through experience. Are you a software crafts(wo)man with a penchant for start-ups? Eager to build up Reaktika together?

Let’s talk about the opportunities we have for you and align on your personal goals and ambitions.


Step 1: Intake with Zoë

Informal intake call to get introduced and check if we share the same ambitions.

Step 2: Technical assessment and intake with Ben

A technical coding exercise will be made available and can be solved offline where you have all the tools you are used to. Afterwards an intake with Ben is planned to go over your solution.

Step 3: Proposal

Finally! We will invite you to go over our proposal and make sure all details are settled. We’ll make sure that you have all you need to guarantee a great start at Reaktika!


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