Ben Calus Reaktika

From Scala With Love: How Ben Became Managing Partner at Reaktika

With a taste for functional programming and Scala technologies, and an entrepreneurial mindset, Ben is excited to combine the best of both worlds in his professional career. After some first adventures, he ended up at Optis and gave birth to Reaktika. For Ben, something felt like coming home.

The story on how Ben became managing partner at Reaktika, software consultancy company and official partner of Lightbend in Belgium. 

Ben Calus Reaktika


Even though Ben is still young, he’s come a long way. Studied Computer Sciences at KU Leuven, he started his professional career in 2016 at Twipe. At this Belgian technology company, Ben followed a 2-year ‘young graduate program with main focus on back-end development, enhanced with some front-end and DevOps aspects. By one’s own account a very instructive and inspiring period, getting himself out of his comfort zone. However, for Ben the opportunities for functional programming and using Scala technologies were rather sparse, which led him to another challenge. Working for REstore, now known as Centrica Business Solutions, he was able to gain his first product experiences with Lightbend and event-driven systems.

Yet Ben kept looking for a project where he could participate from scratch. Something smaller, something like a startup. And that’s how he ended up at Optis. As the latter wanted to create a real Scala knowledge centre within the company, you could say that the entrance of Ben was a case of the right man, in the right place, at the right time. Since he’d already done a lot of research on the field of reactive technology, Optis suggested Ben to become managing partner in this project. Reaktika was born! 


At this point, Reaktika is starting as a brand rather than an autonomous entity. In the long term, the aim is to turn Reaktika into a stand-alone unit. Where Optis focuses on Java, application and web development, Reaktika wants to dig deep in data engineering and the whole Scala spectrum. The first step is now to create brand awareness and positioning Reaktika in the right way. In a subsequent phase, this should lead to more assignments and an expansion of the team. But, first things first! 


As it’s their long-term objective to grow Reaktika into a fully-fledged entity, they’re looking for some passionate and entrepreneurial employees. People who are eager to learn, who are constantly at the lookout for the newest technology trends and above all have a critical attitude. New technologies are popping up like mushrooms, therefore it’s crucial to examine them thoroughly and to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

On top, building a success story requires leadership. Reaktika aims to play a pioneering role in the reactive technology field, which requires human resources with an urge to make the difference. Employees who want to become real ambassadors for Reaktika and Scala. For short, it’s all about passion, entrepreneurial drive and being open minded!

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