Delivering Scalable and
Robust Data Solutions

High Performance through Reactive Architecture

At Reaktika, we use best practices in reactive architecture to design solutions that harness the full potential of the cloud-native future.
Our reactive systems leverage asynchronous message-passing between loosely coupled, scalable microcomponents to create highly resilient, responsive and elastic systems.

Our Added Value with Cloud-native and Reactive Architecture

In the age of digital transformation, a new trend is to modernize an application stack by moving to the cloud. It’s an important first step to use container platforms to leverage cloud-native infrastructure efficiently. This is not where our efforts stop and is only half of the solution. For your platform to truly harness the power of cloud-native, we also make sure the application architecture is tailored for the cloud. That is where a reactive architecture shines most!

Innovative Technology

Lightbend Power

Our favourite tools to develop reactive systems are built by Lightbend. Lightbend is trusted by several Global 2000 enterprises to support their most business-critical applications. As a certified partner, we aim to bring that same level of excellence to our clients.

Data Native

Reactive architecture is designed to handle large amounts of data streams and is therefore ideally suited for any company looking to leverage the value of their data. Reactive systems are the perfect enabler for companies looking to adopt IoT or AI as part of their digital transformation strategies.



Our applications are designed to deliver a consistent, rapid response times even under the thoughest loads. Components scale automatically, guaranteeing dependable service for the end user.

Cost Effective

Scalability works both ways, so in times of lower demand, our systems can scale down to ensure the system is always working in a cost-effective manner. Cloud deployment ensures that additional power is always available when needed.

Built To Grow


Having a scalable systems means never having to worry about demand affecting the quality of service to your clients. You can focus on growing your business, without having to worry if your digital systems can keep up.


Because our components are loosely coupled and message-driven, adding additional components does not require redesigning the entire system. This ensures your applications can evolve over time based on user feedback


Elevate your architecture?

Want to know more about how a reactive architecture can push your solutions to the next level? Eager to get started with a data-first approach? Let’s get in touch!

Boost your career?

Passionate about reactive technology and ready to build scalable solutions that make a difference? We are looking forward to meeting you and talk about the future.

Certified Lightbend Partner

With Lightbend, we have a strong and powerful partner in the area of cloud native applications. The architectural hurdles and back-end complexity of building globally distributed, cloud-native application environments are their number 1 focus. As we want to offer our customers the right building blocks to process the data that matters most,  Lightbend is the right facilitator to help us reach our goal. Providing us with all the tools and top-notch expertise is where our partnership flourishes.

lightbend partnership



Real-Time Insights

Real-Time Insights

Instant insights in your vast amount of data is vital to keep up with customer demands.
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Reactive solutions will be a foundation to deliver your service continuously and effectively.
Cost-Effective Processing

Cost-Effective Processing

Reactive technology assure that your solution is instantly available while being cost-effective at times that needs are lower.