Our approach?
Observe, Measure & Improve


Building high performance applications requires more than just technical knowhow. High performance and business critical are almost synonymous, so our process is designed to observe and measure before we start to improve.

“Our approach is designed to meet the thoughest requirements while  keeping business objectives front and center.”

Ensure our solutions meets your business objectives


At Reaktika, we decided we wanted to be more than just a technology company. Though we have technical expertise in spades, as our expertise page will tell you, we believe it’s just as important to translate our expertise into business objectives as well.  As we are used to working with business-critical processes and applications, we have developed a three step process that ensures our solutions meet your business objectives exactly.

And even though everyone might dream of a grand system redesign, the reality is that a critical business backbone cannot simply be replaced in one go. At Reaktika, we use our iterative approach to familiarize ourselves with your systems and identify bottlenecks. The output is a roadmap clearly outlinig current limitations, possible quick fixes and a longterm plan that matches your business growth projections. Reactive architecture is designed to be robust & scalable, and we aim for the same values in our partnerships.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned based on our experience working with business critical applications, it’s ‘understand the process first’. In the first days of our partnership, we focus on stakeholder mapping & interviews, understanding the data flows & models and exploring the current application stack.

This information is then processed into a business-friendly report complete with time/budget estimates and ROI calculations, turning high performance applications into simple mathematics.


In order to prove our value, we need to get a baseline measurement first. This allows us to identify the areas that benefit most from reactive architecture. By aligning business objectives with measurable kpi’s, we formulate can present transparant objectives and metrics, making our business value crystal clear. 

By aligning with business growth projections, we can determine exactly which systems will need maintenance first. We’re always looking for bottlenecks, whether they are technical or organisational.


Finally, once the perfect target has been identified, we get to work designing and developing your future proof systems. Our reactive architecture approach allows us to develop scalable, extendable and robust software systems that are meant to stand the test of time (and scale).

Thanks to our approach, we can now measure exactly how far your systems will scale and how well they will perform. And because of our intimate familiarity with your processes, iterating our approach is as easy as picking the next business target before we can begin.

 Inspiring Reactive Customer Cases

Real-Time Insights

Real-Time Insights

Instant insights in your vast amount of data is vital to keep up with customer demands.
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Reactive solutions will be a foundation to deliver your service continuously and effectively.
Cost-Effective Processing

Cost-Effective Processing

Reactive technology assure that your solution is instantly available while being cost-effective at times that needs are lower.