Delivering Scalable and
Robust Data Solutions

Making Your Data Project a Success Is Our Mission

Helping companies connect the dots between traditional and data-driven solutions is where we thrive most. The importance of data is greater than ever, as well as the edge you gain by staying in control of this ever-increasing flow of information. With Reaktika, we bring best practices in reactive architecture into your solutions to harness the full potential of the cloud-native future.

Our Added Values

Profound Expertise


Our solutions are designed to efficiently scale meeting current demand in an effective way. Not only crucial to preserve responsiveness on varying usage, but also essential to stay cost-effective in a cloud-native environment.


Service failure is inevitable and while this is often neglected, a reactive architecture embraces failure within the design from the start. That means that whenever failure occurs, the impact is reduced to a minimum, if even noticed at all by the end user.


No One-Size Fits All

We value listening to your specific needs to enable the most effective route to success.

Cost Effective

Reactive technology in combination with a modern software infrastructure can help you assure that your solution is always instantly available while being cost-effective at times that needs are lower. Ultimate scalability at your fingertips.

Personal Growth

Knowledge Sharing

Effective solutions are built by effective people. As your technology partner, we see growing the knowledge within your team as part of delivering a successful story.


As experts in the matter at hand, we love to coach teams and individuals to share our insights and enable people to succeed in building and maintaining responsive applications.

Why Cloud-native and Reactive Architecture?

In the age of digital transformation, a new trend is to modernize an application stack by moving to the cloud. It’s an important first step to use container platforms to leverage cloud-native infrastructure efficiently. This is not where our efforts stop and is only half of the solution. For your platform to truly harness the power of cloud-native, we also make sure the application architecture is tailored for the cloud. That is where a reactive architecture shines most!



Want to know more about how a reactive architecture can push your solutions to the next level? Eager to get started with a data-first approach? Let’s get in touch!


Passionate about reactive technology and ready to build scalable solutions that make a difference? We are looking forward to meeting you and talk about the future.

Certified Lightbend Partner

With Lightbend, we have a strong and powerful partner in the area of cloud native applications. The architectural hurdles and back-end complexity of building globally distributed, cloud-native application environments are their number 1 focus. As we want to offer our customers the right building blocks to process the data that matters most,  Lightbend is the right facilitator to help us reach our goal. Providing us with all the tools and top-notch expertise is where our partnership flourishes.

lightbend partnership



Real-Time Insights

Real-Time Insights

Instant insights in your vast amount of data is vital to keep up with customer demands.
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Reactive solutions will be a foundation to deliver your service continuously and effectively.
Cost-Effective Processing

Cost-Effective Processing

Reactive technology assure that your solution is instantly available while being cost-effective at times that needs are lower.