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With the rise of cloud computing and the growing importance of data in organisations, the importance of a scalable & robust digital business backbone has never been greater. Our approach is built around an Observe, Measure & Improve cycle designed to meet the thoughest technical requirements while still keeping business objectives front and center.

At Reaktika, we believe that the best way to harness the full potential of the cloud-native future is to use the principles of reactive architecture, as outlined in The Reactive Manifesto, to build and maintain robust, scalable and future-proof systems. You can read more about how we make the difference with reactive principles in our expertise page.

“Reactive Architecture is designed to enable data-driven, high-performance applications. “

Diving Deep in the World of Reactive Architecture




Ben Calus Reaktika

Meet Ben Calus,
Managing Partner at Reaktika

Reaktika is a new startup in the Cronos group that was founded in 2020 within Optis. A brand-new entity born out of the need for a center of expertise for data-intense projects.

Ben Calus, managing partner at Reaktika, has always had a keen interest in durable solutions. Applying this in areas where it is valued most like an IoT scene or a responsive user experience. It was his full conviction that many companies jump into the world of AI without the necessary robust fundamentals to build upon. A real necessity for any successful data project. Reaktika was born!

 Inspiring Reactive Customer Cases

Real-Time Insights

Real-Time Insights

Instant insights in your vast amount of data is vital to keep up with customer demands.
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Reactive solutions will be a foundation to deliver your service continuously and effectively.
Cost-Effective Processing

Cost-Effective Processing

Reactive technology assure that your solution is instantly available while being cost-effective at times that needs are lower.