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Delivering Scalable and Robust Data Solutions

Helping companies connect the dots between traditional and data-driven solutions is where we thrive most. The importance of data is greater than ever, as well as the edge you gain by staying in control of this ever-increasing flow of information. With Reaktika, we bring best practices in reactive architecture into your solutions to harness the full potential of the cloud-native future.

“We believe that a reactive architecture in combination with Lightbend technology is key to build and maintain future-proof applications.”

Diving Deep in the World of Reactive Architecture




Ben Calus Reaktika

Meet Ben Calus,
Managing Partner at Reaktika

Reaktika is a new startup in the Cronos group that was founded in 2020 within Optis. A brand-new entity born out of the need for a center of expertise for data-intense projects.

Ben Calus, managing partner at Reaktika, has always had a keen interest in durable solutions. Applying this in areas where it is valued most like an IoT scene or a responsive user experience. It was his full conviction that many companies jump into the world of AI without the necessary robust fundamentals to build upon. A real necessity for any successful data project. Reaktika was born!

 Inspiring Reactive Customer Cases

Real-Time Insights

Real-Time Insights

Instant insights in your vast amount of data is vital to keep up with customer demands.
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Reactive solutions will be a foundation to deliver your service continuously and effectively.
Cost-Effective Processing

Cost-Effective Processing

Reactive technology assure that your solution is instantly available while being cost-effective at times that needs are lower.